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The 11th Game

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

The Bye Week. What is there to talk about during a bye week? Well, good job so far, fellas. A very good job so far. As we all know, these battlin’ Buckeyes of our’s will be going into the Wisconsin game with an unblemished record, 10-0. So I decided to pick the bye week to have a short little discussion (with myself) about going into the eleventh game of the season and being 10-0. The Buckeyes have played an 11th game of the season for the past 40 years. Every year from 1972 on has seen an 11th game. Then you have to go all the way back to 1905 to see another 11th game. And there was a 12th game in that 8-2-2 season. 1904 had eleven games, including a loss to the Carlisle Indians a few years before Jim Thorpe enrolled. In 1903 OSU was 8-3. In 1896 we were 5-5-1. In 1894 we were 6-5. In all, the Ohio State Buckeyes are 47-47-1 in games eleven and beyond (24-20-1 in 11th games only). That’s not too bad considering many of those games were bowl games and Cooper era Michigan games.

We have only been 10-0 going into that 11th game seven times. Well, eight, including this season. And we’ve been undefeated ten times. And in how many of those nine previous undefeated seasons did we finish with an undefeated record? Two times. 2002′s national championship season, and 1973′s Rose Bowl-winning, USC-defeating, 10-0-1 season. Of course, this season is different. We have “nothing” to play for. Well, we have an undefeated season to play for. We have The Game to play for, which is a lot considering that it IS the most important game of the season. And now on November 17th, if we needed something else to play for, we can be playing for only the sixth 11-0 record in our history. Go Bucks!