Buckeye Ninja’s Official Top 25 Poll – Week 10

When you’re as lazy and shiftless as we are, you end up watching a lot of college football on Saturdays. It’s pretty awesome. So Ye Olde Buckeye and The Buckeye Ninja have collaborated on a top 25 poll. The only thing we agreed on was Alabama at #1 and (strangely) Boise at #24. The points are just the average between our placements – for example YOB had Georgia #6 (20 points) and we had them at #9 (17 points) giving them their total of 37.

Trust us, We’ve got Excel spreadsheets and shit.

Any complaints about this or any of our other content can be brought up with Ye Olde Buckeye at his Twitter account. First-place votes are in parentheses.


2012 Buckeye Ninja Poll – Week 10 (Oct. 29)
Rank Team Total Points
1 Alabama (2) 50
2 Kansas St 47
2 (tie) Oregon 47
4 Ohio St 43
4 (tie) Notre Dame 43
6 Georgia 37
7 Florida 35
7 (tie) Oregon St 35
7 (tie) Florida St 35
10 LSU 33
11 Clemson 32
12 Stanford 25
13 Texas A&M 24
13 (tie) Mississippi St 24
15 South Carolina 22
16 Louisville 21
17 Oklahoma 17
17 (tie) Texas Tech 17
17 (tie) Nebraska 17
20 West Virginia 13
20 (tie) USC 13
22 UCLA 7
22 (tie) Louisiana Tech 7
24 Boise St 4
25 Northwestern 1
25 (tie) Arizona 1

Thoughts (Buckeye Ninja)we’re not convinced the SEC, outside of Alabama, is as dominant as it has been of late. Georgia, LSU, and South Carolina (even before Lattimore’s injury) seemed like good but flawed teams, but unfortunately all they’re doing right now is beating up on each other so it’s difficult to see where they stand compared to the rest of the country. Florida was – to us – by far the second best team in conference, but we couldn’t rank them ahead of Georgia after last weekend. We ranked Florida State and Clemson higher than YOB did, probably because we’re idiots. Brasky seems properly rated – around 15 or so, even though its defense can be a dumpster fire at times.

Also, looks like we need a third writer to break all these ties.

One Response to “Buckeye Ninja’s Official Top 25 Poll – Week 10”

  1. Ye Olde Buckeye says:

    Oh no you didn’t just bring Excel into this!
    I put OSU ahead of Notre Dame. I think that IF our defense played more like they did against Penn St, our offense could more than keep up with theirs.
    I felt the same about Florida. I wanted to put them higher, but felt like they should be behind Georgia.