Introduction to the BuckeyeSphere

It’s not much of a secret that simply having a degree from a journalism school and having a job working in the industry doesn’t by itself get you a whole lot of respect from me as someone who understands what he’s talking about*. Over at NDNS I’ve been known to rant on Twitter from time to time about baseball beat writers who write things that show they don’t know nearly as much about baseball as their followers think. This isn’t to say that all journalists are incompetent hacks who don’t understand most of that which they report. But some of them are.

* – the first time I read about the Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect it changed my life. I’m not sure it was for the better yet because it sure made me even more cynical somehow.

Now, I told you all that to tell you this: there are a ton of awesome people who provide content for Buckeye fans on a daily basis out here on the internet – I’ve been calling it the BuckeyeSphere just because I thought it sounded kind of cool. These guys write and write and write, posting multiple articles every day, year round (and if you haven’t tried this, trust me – it’s a lot harder than it looks. I’m terrible at it.) Every one of these guys works his or her butt off providing information and analysis to Buckeye fans and very very few – if any of them – do so for a living.

Of all the teams I follow the Buckeyes easily have the largest fanbase and – as a result – the most prolific writer base. And there’s at least one site for anyone out there depending on your tastes.

  • Men of the Scarlet and Gray - the classic that’s been there since Eddie George (it seems) and somehow manages to keep getting better.* They took a chance on a nobody in Colorado a few years ago who ended up not having the kind of time he’d expected to write for them, but he’ll always appreciate their kindness in getting him into this community. No one loves Vernon Gholston’s guns more.
  • There’s Eleven Warriors - the massive SHEILD Heli-carrier of the BuckeyeSphere. It hovers over everything, kicking ass, taking names, making sure we eat our vegetables.
  • The Buckeye Battle Cry - where they’ve been bringing everyone else together for years and showing how a bunch of amateurs can turn out stuff that makes it look easy.
  • Then there’s the irreverent upstart Buckeye Empire that brings an off-kilter approach to delivering all things Buckeye and just knocks it out of the park every time.
  • Over at SB Nation there are Land Grant Holy Land and Off Tackle Empire (which covers the B1G as a whole) both of whom make you realize how below-average a writer you actually are. In a good way.

* – Seriously: read this and then come back.

This is by no means complete – it’s just the sites with which I personally have dealt over the years. Each one of them is staffed by anywhere from a couple to (in 11W’s case) seemingly dozens of talented writers that you can find on Twitter in just about every Buckeye fan’s follow list. And most of them are awesome, friendly guys and ladies who will bring you right in and talk Buckeyes with you whether you’ve just started following them in the Urban Era or you’ve been around since Woody or Earle.

Except for Michael at 11w. He’s a cranky old man. Seriously, if anyone has a “get off my lawn” kind of attitude it’s him. It’s his daily proximity to UF and the rest of the SEC, I think.

Kidding – Michael is awesome too.

If you’re here you probably already knew this. But I couldn’t take the chance that you might be new to the area, so to speak, and just accidentally got out of your car in my neck of the woods. So I’d be remiss if I didn’t point you to the big city where the talent really is.

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  1. Tony says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, Ninja. We’ve definitely been around forever but things feel new again now that we’ve added some staff (although there’s always a spot open for a ninja!).

    We are excited as ever to get this season under way. It can’t come fast enough.