Penn State v Nebraska

In honor of the Big Ten Network’s constant attempts to include pre-1993 Penn State and pre-2011 Nebraska in Big Ten history, I would like to highlight the age-old Penn State-Nebraska rivalry. Known for 63 years as “The Battle Of The Two Furthest Apart Schools That Will Eventually Be In The Big Ten”, or “The Battle of Newcomers Pissing Off Old-Time Big Ten Teams by Possibly Winning the League Tournament Early in Its History”. Rolls off the tongue.

The rivalry has four trophies: The Old Mahogany Bucket, The Little Burnt Sienna Jug, Johnny Appleseed’s Axe, and The Golden Visa/Shell Rewards Card For Travel to the Game”. After all, the two schools are 1,075 miles apart, which is over 18 hours in the car.

So, without further ado, I present you with the entirety of the Penn State-Nebraska Rivalry (it fits on one page!):

By all accounts, this was among PSU’s more dany-ish teams.

1949 @Penn St 22-7 Nebraska

1950 @Nebraska 19-0 Penn St

1951 Penn St 15-7 @Nebraska

Pennsylvania State College

1952 @Penn St(19) 10-0 Nebraska

1958 @Nebraska 14-7 Penn St

1979 @Nebraska(6) 42-17 Penn St(18)

1980 Nebraska(3) 21-7 @Penn St(11)

1981 Penn St(3) 30-24 @Nebraska(15)

The teams met after the football game for a little quidditch.

1982 @Penn St(8) 27-24 Nebraska(2) *PSU national champ

1983 Nebraska(1) 44-6 Penn St (4) (Giants Stadium)

2002 @Penn St(NR,25) 40-7 Nebraska(8,7)

Yes. It’s “UN”, not “NU”.

2003 @Nebraska(18) 18-10 Penn St

2011 Nebraska(19) 17-14 @Penn St(12)

For some reason Matt McGloin was left out of this team picture.

2012 Penn St at Nebraska(18)

All time series: Nebraska 7-6 Penn St

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