Preview: Ohio State – University of Wisconsin, Madison

Now it starts getting real. A few weeks ago Wisconsin was throttling some cupcake and it occurred to us: what if they’re good? We were immediately assured that they were and a cold sweat began beading up on our forehead. We have been pretty lucky these last few years with Wisconsin since Barry Alvarez left. They still had good players but they also had Bert, and while he has three consecutive Rose Bowls on his resume he has three consecutive Rose Bowl losses on his resume, and they really should have big, massive asterisks next to them either way. Call it karma* but the idea of a Wisconsin team with a really good coach as opposed to a massive d-bag whose biggest claim to fame is his crazy resemblance to Bucky (although we think he resembles Goldy a lot more) is kind of a terrifying prospect.

* – See what we did there?

Still, that’s where we stand this morning*. To say that Gary Andersen is an improvement over Bert is like saying hooking up with Kate Upton is an improvement over having your face catch fire. It’s probably too early to say whether or not Wisconsin is really good or just a product of its schedule, but the same could be said for most everyone. The fact is that Wisconsin is 3-1 but that 3-1 should borrow one of the asterisks from Bert’s Rose Bowl record considering the loss came as a direct result of one of the most blatant all-time screw jobs an officiating crew has ever delivered upon a college football team. We’re not saying Wisconsin would be 4-0 if the Pac-12 employed competent referees, but they would have at least had a chance to go 4-0.

* – Please note that we’re actually writing this post on Tuesday because we won’t be able to write it on Friday morning as is our habit. See, on Friday morning we’ll be driving back to Ohio State. To Old Columbus Town.  Which means as you read this we’ll be tearing across country, music blaring and completely pumped.

Braxton Miller has proven to be kryptonite to Wisconsin and we’re relieved to hear that he’ll be back this weekend. Hopefully he doesn’t have a relapse of the knee injury that forced him to miss the last 2 3/4 games. Still, it’s nice to know the Fightin’ Buckeyes of the Olentangy have the ol’ right-hander in the bullpen in case the worst happens.

Let’s not forget that you can’t get to 14-0 without getting to 5-0 first.

What we’ll be looking for on Saturday:

  1. If Braxton Miller plays, we want to see him walk off the field without limping every time, drama free.
  2. Can a raw defense play Ohio State football and limit Wisconsin’s running game?
  3. Let’s try our best to avoid making a half dozen stupid penalties this week. Please?

Our guaranteed* score prediction: Buckeyes 34, Badgers 31

*-all predictions true or your money back.

4 Responses to “Preview: Ohio State – University of Wisconsin, Madison”

  1. Ye Olde Buckeye says:

    How long, during your drive through the state of Kansas, did your “completely pumped” status last? It is a very draining state, though I often found some rejuvenation around Topeka.

  2. I find Illinois to be more draining, mainly because it insists on a 65 mph speed limit.

    Kansas hasn’t been as bad since they went to 75 mph. Also I slept thru 2 hours of it.

  3. Ye Olde Buckeye says:

    Driving for two hours while sleeping? A ninja can do marvelous things!

  4. You had better recognize.