The Ninja Soapbox – Just When We Think Everything’s Fine…

Someone writes a post like this, we go cross-eyed, and our blood pressure shoots through the roof.

One of the reasons our writing kind of tapered off the last year or two was a general frustration with the attitude displayed in the linked article – an attitude that seems to be prevalent among many who write about sports, even from a fan’s perspective. There seems to be a desire among many people to delineate which fans root for their teams properly and which need re-education in The Proper Way To Cheer Your Team.

Yes, some fans can be negative nancies. We would almost certainly fall into that category, to be honest. Maybe we have a reason to be. Maybe that’s just the way we choose to follow our team. Our negativity does not impact anyone else’s enjoyment of the game beyond the people who make a deliberate choice to read what we write or be in our physical presence as the game goes on. And those people probably associate with us because of our insightful takes and- no, sorry, we couldn’t finish that sentence because we were drowning in BS.

In the grand scheme of things, every team has mega-asshole fans who couldn’t find reason or perspective if it were their ass and they had both hands and a flashlight. But those fans are a tiny, tiny minority* – even in State College – and spending more than a couple paragraphs wringing our hands and wishing they weren’t mega-assholes is affording them more attention than they’ve really earned.

* – for example, early in the baseball season there was a minor flap when Mat Latos’ wife @DallasLatos received a couple Tweets from idiot fans telling her Mat sucked, etc. etc. Everyone was wringing their hands over this boorish fan behavior, so out of curiosity we checked her timeline and saw the following. Maybe two Tweets everyone was in an uproar over (no exaggeration) and thousands of Tweets from Reds fans saying some form of “we’re not all idiots like that”. So, much ado about nothing? 2 idiot fans, 10,000 rational ones. Who gets the attention? Yeah.

Did you like that Posnanski-esque aside? We thought you might.

The point is that we believe people would be happier if they’d ignore the way other people cheered for their team. Sure, report the Nittany Lion fans people who lob bags of urine at opposing team’s fans. Mock the idiots – like we did at the Nebraska game – who yell obscenities at visiting fans that are just minding their own business trying to cheer on their guys. But getting on your own fans for voicing their opinion or being too negative/positive? That’s going too far, in our editorial opinion.


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  1. BaconNinja16 says:

    RT @TheBuckeyeNinja: New from The Buckeye Ninja: The Ninja Soapbox – Just When We Think Everything’s Fine…:

  2. SYRmotsag says:

    @Ninja- As you know we have discussed this at length and I just want to add a few thoughts.

    1.) You can follow your team however you choose but complaining about and booing and name calling the players and coaches is in no way to be confused with cheering.

    2.) There is a certain amount of people who will never be happy. If you cant bring yourself to smile and enjoy a victory like the one against Purdue and forget about the first 59:00 mins of the game and basque in the amazingness of what you say in the last 1:00 and OT I feel bad for them.

    3.) Lastly, this has become a vicious cycle lol. One set of fans gets upset at their team. Another set of fans gets upset at the fans who are upset at the team. Then the first set of fans gets upset at the second set of fans. Eventually if the team loses someone on the team will get upset at the fans who criticize them and then the life cycle of sports has been complete.

    Hopefully the Buckeyes never get so bad that some player doesnt go all Chris Perez on Buckeye Nation and completes this cycle.

  3. See, I don’t even know about this Chris Perez business, mainly because he plays for the Indians.

  4. Also, I hate the way comments look on this theme. Blech.

  5. SYRmotsag says:

    hahaha I was just about to complain about the way these comments look

  6. Jason says:

    Even if you make these comments look better, I won’t be happy.

  7. I see what you did there, Jason.

  8. I’m sure the code making the comments look so bad is in the CSS somewhere, but damn if WordPress hasn’t gotten complicated as hell. I will try and fix it because I agree, it’s an eyesore.

  9. Fixed! In case anyone was curious – it was the “Social” wordpress plugin. I couldn’t find the code so I just deactivated the whole plugin. In your face, Social!