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  • Why aren't prices listed on the website?
    Since our obstacle courses are unique to each customer, the prices will be as well. Many factors go into final pricing including, but not limited to, the number of obstacles chosen, the amount of time the party or event will take place, and the estimated number of participants.
  • Are the obstacles designed for kids or adults?
    Simple answer: Both! We have a variety of obstacles. Many of them can be adjusted to for various ages by: 1. Changing the obstacle (EX: increase height or distances apart) 2. Changing how the obstacle is completed. Some obstacles may be better suited for younger or older Ninjas, but ultimately that is up to you. Please check out our "Obstacles" link for more information on each obstacle.
  • What safety measures are taken?
    There are multiple layers of safety built into our operation. 1. We built our obstacles so that, in the event of a fall, our Ninjas are never very far from the ground. 2. We offer mats and crash pads to soften the blow of any falls that may take place. 3. We do not have obstacles that involve water, electricity, or other similar hazards. 4. We include coaching, demonstrations, and guidelines as part of our services. Ninjas will understand the "do's and don'ts" prior to taking on the obstacles. 5. We will ensure that each Ninja follows instruction and uses good sense so they can continue to enjoy the obstacles without interruption. 6. A basic first aid kit will be on hand.
  • Can the Ninja Course be set up inside or outside?
    Either! Outside: We can set up in your yard, a park, or another mostly flat area. Inside: We can set up in a gym or other large multipurpose room. *Please Note: We need about a 6 foot wide opening in order to get our obstacles inside -- think "double doors" with the central metal pieces the doors lock into removed. That metal piece needs to be removed before we arrive.
  • How can the obstacles be arranged?
    First, each obstacle is designed so that one Ninja is on the left side of the obstacle while another Ninja is on the right side of the obstacle. (It's a lot of fun to race a friend --- or have a tournament.) As such most obstacles are about 6 - 10 feet wide. Depending on the space available, as well as the number of obstacles you choose, the course can go in a straight line or it double back on itself a few times. Here are some examples: The picture below demonstrates how the course can be doubled back on itself a few times. In this set up there are 10+ obstacles taking up only about 1/3 of a standard-sized gym. Note: If you look closely you can see the double doors near the basketball hoop. All the obstacles were loaded in and out through those doors. The picture below demonstrates how the obstacles can be lined up in a straight line. Since the yard has significantly more space than the 1/3 of a gym in the picture above, either set up design would have worked. My suggestion is to use the set up like in the picture above unless you are confined to a very narrow space.
  • How involved is the Buckeye Ninja staff during a party or event?
    Short answer: As much as you want us to be. Prior to being allowed on the course, all Ninjas will be part of a brief orientation that goes over basic techniques, course etiquette, and safety procedures/rules. Ninjas will also have time to ask questions. Once Ninjas take on the course, Buckeye Ninja staff will remain in the course area for safety purposes. Other than that, it's really up to you. If you want us to be in stealth mode (Ninjas are good at that kind of stuff), then that's what we'll do. If you want us to do a lot of coaching, give the Ninjas a boost when needed, lead games or challenges, or run a tournament then we'll do that. Just let us know.
  • Will Chuck Norris show up?
    It's highly doubtful. Just like Clark Kent and Superman, the Buckeye Ninja and Chuck Norris have never been seen in the same place at the same time. Just say'in.
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