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A few notes about our obstacles:
  • While you choose what obstacles you want for your event, we are always available to speak with you about what best suits your needs to maximize your experience.
  • Our obstacles were designed not only to be challenging but also safe.  We do not have obstacles that involve water, fire, electricity or that reach great heights.  Padding for certain obstacles can be provided at no extra cost.
  • Before any event we provide the safety rules, brief tutorials, as well as tips & techniques for conquering obstacles.  During each event we make sure the safety rules are followed to help ensure a positive experience.
  • Obstacles are designed so that two people can run the course at the same time.  This allows for a good-natured race between friends as well as having the option to conduct a tournament.
  • Select free obstacles! You can choose from:  balance beam, sandbag carry, tire drag, and two-a-days.
Hex Steps.jpg

Hex Steps

Level:  Suitable for all ability levels

Objective:  Jump from step to step without touching the ground

Adaptations:  Steps can be moved farther apart or closer together to increase or decrease the challenge level.

Notes:  All steps are set at a 45 degree angle.

Mini Weaver.jpg

Mini Weaver

Level:  Moderate to Difficult

Objective:  "Weave" yourself over the red and under the gray without touching the ground.

Adaptations:  Ninjas with a shorter reach can climb over the red and under the gray.  May be most helpful for those under 10.

Notes:  Be creative! Find the strategy and technique that works best for you!

Horizontal Wall CFK2.png

Horizontal Wall

Level:  Easy to Moderate

Objective:  Use foot holds and hand holds to traverse the wall without touching the ground.

Adaptations:  There are two sets of foot and hand holds to accomodate different heights and reaches.

Notes:  There is a ninety degree angle in the wall half way through.

Photo from 

Under the Bars 3.jpg

Down Under

Level:  Moderate

Objective:  Traverse the obstacle by going under the bars and without touching the ground.

Adaptations:  Ninjas with a shorter reach (~7 & under) can go over and under the bars and can touch the floor.

Notes:  Going feet first is the most common technique.  Ninjas can also try a side-to-side approach.

Incline Wall2_edited_edited.jpg

Incline Wall

Level:  Moderate

Objective:  Climb up and over the wall.

Adaptations:  Ninjas may choose to use the red board in the middle if they need a little help.

Notes:  Steps on the back allow for a safe exit off of the obstacle.  The red board at the top increases grip for added safety.  The wall is about 8 feet long and 6 feet high.

Stump Jumper.jpeg

Stump Jumper

Level:  Suitable for all ability levels

Objective:  Walk, hop, or jump from stump to stump  without touching the ground.

Adaptations:  None (but Ninjas should adjust their own speed and technique based on their level of skill).

Notes:  Steps are designed so that they cannot tip over or roll.  By rule, Ninjas are not allowed to skip steps.

Salmon Ladder_edited.jpg

Salmon Ladder

Level:  Difficult/Extreme

Objective:  Hop the bar up each level on the "ladder" until you reach the top.

Adaptations:  None

Notes:  This obstacle has been slightly altered from the one pictured to create a wider base.

This obstacle is harder than it looks!

Jump the Fence_edited.jpg

Hop the Fence

Level:  Easy

Objective:  Climb up one side of the fence and down the other.

Adaptations:  None

Notes:  The "fence" is about 6 feet tall at its highest point.

Cliffhanger CFK.jpg

Cliff Hanger

Level:  Difficult

Objective:  Ninjas test their grip strength as they use only their hands & arms to make their way up and down the edge of a "cliff."

Adaptations:  Those who are feeling "extreme" can give the thinner (lower) grips a try.

Notes: A good strength-to-weight ratio is key to this obstacle.

Verticle Wall MDM.jpg

Vertical Wall

Level:  Easy to Difficult

Objective:  Climb straight up and over the wall to the other side.

Adaptations:  The wall can be adjusted  from 4 - 7 ft high.  (We can change the height at any time.  Please be patient while we add or remove boards.)

Notes:  Technique is just as important as strength -- we've coached 10 year olds over the 7 ft wall.

Tower of Power.jpg

Tower of Power

Level:  Difficult

Objective:  Climb straight up the "tower" using the hand holds.

Adaptations:  None.

Notes:  Hands only, no feet.  Unlike many of our obstacles, this is mostly about raw strength (not technique).  We also recommend this obstacle be selected for participants who are 5 ft tall or taller.

Low Crawl.jpg

Low Crawl

Level:  Easy

Objective:  Crawl under the ropes strung over your head.

Adaptations:  None.

Notes:  There are two main techniques.  One is a "military crawl."  The other is to roll.

You can choose to use one or two sections for the low crawl.


Monster Doors

Level:  Difficult to Extreme

Objective:  Traverse the obstacle by moving from door to door without touching the ground.

Adaptations:  Ninjas may use their feet the red 2x4's at the bottom (difficult) or go hands-only (extreme).

Notes:  This obstacle relies on technique and grip strength.  Very few people are capable of going "extreme" on this obstacle.

Inversion1 grass.jpg

Hang Time

Level:  Moderate

Objective:  Cross the obstacle by "crawling" upside down.

Adaptations:  None

Notes:  Ninjas may only use the red boards to traverse the obstacle (but it's okay if your feet brush up against the gray board).  

The best strategy is to basically slide your feet as you crawl while inverted.

Grass Close Up

Future Obstacles

Triple Threat

The Ringer

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